What is the meaning of Edmund Spenser's "Amoretti: Sonnet #1"?


Spenser is talking to his poem/book about how wonderful it would be for his beloved to read his words; it would mean everything to him for his beloved to behold his loving words. He uses the patrician style which is usually used by men who cannot have the woman they love, though Spenser did have the woman he loved. He also uses Greek metaphors, comparing her to a goddess.
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Happy ye leaves! whenas those lily hands, Which hold my life in their dead doing might, Shall handle you, and hold in love's soft bands, Like captives trembling at the victor's sight
Spenser's sonnet-cycle divides readily
About boy madly in love with a girl that doesn't love him back.
In sonnet 1 of Edmund Spenser’s sixteenth-century sonnet sequence titled Amoretti, the speaker addresses the “happy leaves” (or pages) of a book as if they were
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