Summary of the Forsaken Merman?


The Foresaken Merman is a poem that was written as a 143 line lament. The poem is supposed to be written from the viewpoint of a merman (the male form of a mermaid). The lament is over the mermans wife who leaves him. The central theme of the poem focuses on the points of paganism versus the ideal of Victorian Christianity. His wife is a human and falls into a life of Christianity, and because he is in a world of magic, she can no longer stay with him.
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Mathew Arnold was greatly disturbed by the loss of religious faith as a result of the advance of scientific spirit. 'The Forsaken Merman' is pervaded with a deep note of sadness.
Matthew Arnold's poem, "The Forsaken Merman," tells the story of a merman (a male version of a mermaid) and his human wife who live beneath the seas. The two have borne
I didn't find much online so I'm just going to tell you from what I know about the poem, it's about the humans need to pray and to be with God, Margret, who has left the humans and
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