Summary of When Rain Clouds Gather?


The book When Rain Clouds gather is written by Bessie Head. The summary is about Golema Mmidi a village stricken with poverty ends up becoming a safe place for exiles who have gone there. The main character Makhaya becomes involved with the villagers and an English agricultural expert who struggles to update the village's farming equipment.
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Summary: Fleeing the violence and oppression of South Africa in the mid-1960s, Makhaya crosses the border into Botswana. Here he finds himself in a poverty-stricken rural village?
When Rain Clouds gather is a book about an African life of a woman. The author of the book is Bessie head and it is mainly about her life in Botswana.
Chief Matenge is a very selfish and dishonest man . He shouldn't have had the courage and power to do unfair and illegal acts . But what you sow is what you repe.
When Rain Clouds Gather (AWS African Writers Series) was written by Bessie Head.'when-rai...
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Cold fronts result in the appearance of clouds, rain, strong winds and thunderstorms. When these conditions pass, the temperature grows cooler, dropping as much ...
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