Sunblock Expiration Dates?


Sunscreens usually have an expiration date listed on the bottle. A sunscreen that is past the expiration date must be discarded because it no longer works. Sunscreen is able to work effectively at its original strength for about 3 years.
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Usually when the expiration date on the package indicates. It may have some life a month or so after the expiration date, but why take chances. Buy a new one. Follow the expiration
if there are 2 sets of digits which are 10 or 11 or 12, or higher does it really matter?
Milk is usually good for at least a few days after the expiration date. Although, it really depends on the company who made the milk. If you shake the jug and discover lumps, don't
The general rule of thumb is to throw it away after a year. ChaCha!
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