Sunflower Adaptations?


Sunflowers have adaptations that allow them to grow in a large range of climates around the world, they grow over most of North America and are grown throughout Russia. They have an adaptation that allows the head of the flower to follow the sun to capture the most amount of light possible. The plant adapts to the soil's organisms that allow its roots to gain greater access to the soil's nutrients.
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If it is colder than it will have to adapt to the temperature. If it is warmer it will have to get watered more often. If it's not in the sunlight a lot it will either die or have
They seek out the sun. They have tasty seeds that people and other animals like to eat. The process of eating sunflower seeds is messy so some of the seeds are spilled whcih causes
Sunflowers are Drought-tolerant plants,they can adapt desert.
yes, yes they do. i know cuz my dog did. so yeah.
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Adaptations of the Sunflower Plant
Sunflower plants are grown in crop fields and gardens and also grow readily in wildlife settings. These tall, colorful flowers are one of the few species of crop plants that originated in North America. Their highly developed root and flower systems... More »
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