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Pectus excavatum, or sunken chest syndrome as some call it, is a birth defect where the ribs are affected. The child's chest appears to be caved in at the center. This can, if it is severe, affect the heart or lungs.
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Pectus Excavatum
Pectus excavatum is a Latin term that means “hollowed chest.” People with this congenital condition have a distinctly sunken chest. A concave sternum (breastbone) may exist at birth, or it may develop later, usually during adolescence. Other common names include “cobbler’s chest,” “funnel chest,” and “sunken chest.” About. . . More »
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Sunken Chest Syndrome is when the chest wall has an abnormal configuration that pushes
Pectus excavatum is the medical term meaning sunken-in chest.
what sort of accident? was bone damaged? if so it may not be so simple if thats the case. the bone may have healed in an awkward way. you might try some exercises that work on muscles
Pec Implants (Pectoral Augmentation) is a cosmetic surgery procedure to shape the appearance and size of the pectoral muscles.
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The sunken chest syndrome is also referred to as Pectus excavatum. It is characterized by a hollow chest or a sunken chest. Basically the breastbone is in a concave ...
A funnel chest is a medical condition where the chest is sunken and is caused when several of your ribs grow in an abnormal way leaving the chest to cave in. it ...
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