Sunken Stomata?


Sunken stomata is an adaptive feature found in plants below the plane of the epidermis. In these plants the stomata are found embedded into the leaf layers rather than on the leaf surface. This helps in controlling the excessive water loss due to transpiration in these plants. The air in the bottom of the depression is slightly protected from wind. Any molecule of water that does escape from the stoma may remain in the depression long enough to return into the leaf.
Q&A Related to "Sunken Stomata?"
Sunken stomata are like normal stomata except they are literally sunken into the leaf a few micrometres. they are usually in a little chamber- imagine a tiny C shape cut into the
A sunken stomata are the guard cells (arrows) are part of a hypodermis or the mesophyll, but
Sunken stomata are found primarily in xerotypes. Rather than being on the leaf surface they are sunken into the leaf and usually are surrounded and partially covered by cuticle and
To conserve water. By being sunken at the bottom of this depression, air in the depression is slightly protected from wind, and any molecule of water that escapes from the stoma may
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