How Do You Get Discount Coupons for Golfland Sunsplash?


The Golfland SunSplash at Roseville has a special twighlight admission price from 3:00pm until 6:30pm. Patrons of all ages qualify for the discounted rate. Coupons are not accepted during this time.
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General admission for the waterpark is $25.99 for adults and children 48" or taller; $19.99 for children under 48" tall; and $1 for toddlers ages 2 and under. Seniors 62
Try the local hotels and restaurants for fre coupon books for local attractions Arthur Wright
General Admission $26.99, Junior Admission $20.99, Toddler Admission $1.00, Senior Admission $15.99
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Roseville Sunsplash Golfland coupons can be found on their Facebook page. Discount coupons for Golfland Sunsplash are posted on Facebook for special occasions. Coupons can also be found in the entertainment book.
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