Sunspots Are Cooler Than the Surrounding Solar Surface Because?


Sunspots are cooler than the surrounding solar surface because the level of magnetic pressure inside a sunspot actually forces the heated plasma out. This balances the pressure so that the matter inside the sunspot is not as dense. Because of the decrease in density, the interior of the sunspot is a little cooler.
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Sunspots appear at points on the sun's surface where magnetic lines of force are strongest. That intense magnetism holds back much of the heat arising from deeper in the sun so the
they have strong magnetic activity.
The high magnetic pressure inside sunspots forces the hot plasma out, so that pressure is balanced. So the matter in the sunspot interior is less dense and somewhat cooler.
How a sunspot can be very hot and yet appear dark? .They're hot because they're on the surface of the sun. However, they are MUCH cooler than the surface of the sun. Picture the sun
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