What are the prizes for the Super Bowl?


Super Bowl champions win the Vince Lombardi trophy, gold-and-diamond Super Bowl rings and the prestige of being world champions. Super Bowl bonuses are also paid out to players on both sides of the ball in the big game.

Players receive incentive bonuses for advancing to the playoffs and escalating bonuses for each win. Bonuses are paid for wild-card games, divisional playoffs and Conference Championships, but the biggest bonuses are paid out for the National Football League's premiere game, the Super Bowl. Winning players who increase their own value through exceptional performance can expect to sign for richer contracts in future negotiations.

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Every year, millions of people from around the country watch one team win the Super Bowl and celebrate by raising the Vince Lombardi trophy. Yet while a trophy shared by a team is
The first 11 Super Bowl saw the winners get $15,000 per man, and that increased to $18,000 for the next five. The next 11 Super Bowls garnered each winner $36,000. These were long-term
About $40 million changes hands on a typical NFL weekend compared
Hmmmm, nothing over 12 bucks, yet meaningful. the only thing I can think of is free lunch the next day.
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