How much do services cost at Supercuts?


Supercuts offers a wide variety of services. Among their price list is a regular haircut which cost $15.00 while a shampoo is $7.00. They also after highlighting and glazing.
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Supercuts doesn't set national pricing. Each franchise sets it's own prices, so you'll'-...
1. Create a spreadsheet or table. To write a price list, you will need to create a price list table or spreadsheet. Price lists can be written in a simple word processing program,
You may or may not be able to get a discount. Some operators start offering progressive discounts as the sale goes on. Some will offer 50% off on the afternoon of the final day of
it's around 15 a cut without a shampoo. the shampoo is around 5 if i remember correctly. cut + style + shampoo + tip will def. be under 30. if you can afford something more expensive
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