Superstition Involving a Bird Hitting a Window?


It is said that a bird who flies into your house or hitting your window is a sign of bad luck and possibly death. Some people will not keep birds as pets because of this superstition, even going as far as not having decorations with birds on them. Lucille Ball believed that the death of her father happened because a picture of a bird fell off of the wall and a bird flew into the window the day he passed away.
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1. Remove any reflective coating that may be on your windows. Since birds are attracted to the clear reflective nature of glass, glass that has a dark reflective coating has a high
There is a Russian superstition - if bird taps on your window or fly into it (open or closed) it's considered a bad omen (often of death)
1. Identify the bird and it characteristics. Look at its beak, feet and body build. For this situation you want to determine if the bird is a passerine (small to medium size perching
The birds are hitting your window repeatedly because it sees its reflection in the window. All of our neighbors have a problem with t and it is annoying!
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To treat an injured bird one has to try and asses where the injury is located. If the bird hit a window, cover it with a box having holes and let it recover. If ...
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