Superstition Right Eye Twitching?


The superstition of the right eye twitching for girls means good luck. This is a common superstition in China. They also believe twitching in the left eye is bad luck.
Q&A Related to "Superstition Right Eye Twitching?"
if you bottom lip twitches it means you will get a kiss. If its the top lip it means you will give a kiss.
A twitch in the left eye means you can expect to cry soon while
It has been known that when your left eye twitches it means something bad is going to happen, bad news, a bad encounter with someone, etc. When your right eye twitches, it means something
The twitch is usually caused from tension and stress. When it happens, gently massage the area with your finger tips. If available warm compresses to the area will help relax the
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