How Much Should You Tip a Carpet Installer?


Tipping is a way to show appreciation to people that come to ones home to provide services. Carpet installers traditionally do not get tipped. However, if one wishes to tip them for the services provided, it has been suggested to tip enough for the carpet installers to go to lunch. So base it on how many people are installing the carpet. Perhaps five dollars a person.
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Generally, you do not tip contractors such as carpet installers. Enjoy
Most of the time carpet is installed by using the stretching method,using power stretchers or by making seams in the carpet. In this day and age, any way to save money helps. One
You don't tip your cable guy,since that is the job he is getting paid to do and living in NY chances are he makes a pretty decent salary doing it..the reason for tipping a waiter/
I was just thinking along the same lines, offer to get lunch for everyone on the job today. I'm sure they would really appreciate that. I feel it's always better to get something
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