What amendment states that you cannot separate citizens into those who have rights and those who don't?


The rights that guarantee surface and subsurface rights cannot be separated is the Mineral rights. This right guarantees someone the right to both solid and fluid mineral on the property he own as as well as air rights. The amendment that states they you cannot separate citizens into those who have rights and those who don't is known as the 14th Amendment.
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The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment requires that all people are treated the same under the law. Amendment XIV - Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United
It's not assumed. It's spelled out in state and federal defenitions of "Real Property". It covers airspace above (management of which is entrusted to the DOT) and mineral
The traditional rule was that the ownership of land included ownership of everything underneath the land surface down to the center of the earth. But as an exception the rule, the
WINGAS have taken advice from expert valuers who are familiar with valuing these rights in different parts of the country. The Lands Tribunal, a body which fixes compensation on Compulsory
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