Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings?


You can tell if a belly button ring is surgical steel by looking at the redness and swelling if does not do so that means it is surgical steel. Paying attention to the itching and the irritation which indicates whether it is surgical steel or not. Monitoring the pain level which tells that something is wrong meaning that if it does not pain it is surgical steel and if does pain it is not surgical steel.
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Almost all belly buttons are surgical steels. You will
Things You'll Need. Antibacterial soap. Instructions. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water. You want your hands to be clean in order to prevent infection. Hold the base
If it was silver, or gold, it would have a number marking on it. Depending on where you got it, the description could tell you. Or take it back to where you bought it from (or checkout
1 Take the pin or needle and bend it to form a C (arch). 2 Take the ring securer, super glue, and decorative jewelry. Make sure the ring securer can secure the pin, and that it fits
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