Where to Buy Surgical Tubing?


Surgical tubing is used in a wide range of applications from feeding tubes and irrigation to drains and surgery. You can find several places where you can buy surgical tubing. Try looking at places like Walmart, any fishing and outdoor supply store, scuba supply shops, hardware stores such as Home Depot or Menards.
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Underwater divers have a number of uses for surgical tubing. The tubing can be used to create loops and harnesses for regulators that make them easy to find, prevent damage to equipment
Surgical Tubing (latex tubing) is ideal for making your own fishing jigs or teasers
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Uses of Surgical Tubing
Surgical tubing is made from latex and comes in a variety of diameters and thicknesses. While surgical tubing is designed for use in medical applications, its flexibility, gripping power and elasticity has made it popular in other applications as well.... More »
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