What is "Surya Nasaksar"?


According to Yoga Journal, Surya Namaskar, which literally means "sun salutation," is a yoga exercise performed in the morning. It is meant to pay homage to the sun for its light and energy.

There are many derivations of sun salutations, each with its own postures and sequences, according to Yoga Journal. Each session always begins and ends with both hands clasped near the heart. The practice can be a good exercise, but it also has a rich history and symbolic meaning in Hindu tradition, as the sun is honored as the creator of all life, the spiritual heart and the eye of the world.

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1. Begin in Tadasana, or Mountain pose. To the untrained eye, the Mountain pose might look like just standing up. But this is definitely not "waiting in line at the bank"
Some of the benefits for Surya Namaskar are said to be improving posture, increasing muscle and strengthening muscles, and a general all round improvement of health.
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In spiritual practices sun symbolizes Spiritual consciousness in ancient times it was worshiped on a daily basis and that's how the entire practice of Surya Namaskar evolved. The
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How to Do Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar, or sun salutations, are the bedrock of Vinyasa, also known as flowing yoga. Traditionally, it is done every morning in gratitude for the light the sun provides us. Surya Namaskar extends and flexes the spine, stretches the hamstrings and... More »
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Surya Namaskar is a form of yoga and many believe that performing it has health benefits. Some benefits are that it revitalizes and refreshes your body, it relieves ...
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