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The Suzuki Quadzilla is actually a Suzuki LT500R quadracer, but because of its 500 cubic centimeter, liquid cooled, two stroke engine and five speed transmission, it earned the nickname of the Suzuki 'Quadzilla'. Some stock Quadzillas were reported to have exceeded speeds of over 100 miles per hour. The officially recorded top speed is just over 79 miles per hour. The Quadzilla was recorded as the fastest production all terrain vehicle ever produced. Production of the LT500R was suspended after 4 years in 1990.
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Top speed is just under 80mph on a factory bike. They have been set up to break 100mph with minor modifications.
Quadzilla Zuzuki~ 4 cylinder street bike engine powered 4 wheel
i heard just a rumor b/c it was to dangerous. and im Pretty shure its a 2 stroke witch is illegal over a certain CC in most states off-road or otherwise so it would cost to Much to
The Suzuki Quadzilla LT500R has a listed top speed of 82-85 MPH with stock engine and parts.
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Suzuki Quadzilla Performance
Twenty years after it ceased production, the four-wheel Suzuki LT500R Quad Racer, affectionately known as "Quadzilla" in the ATV community, is still a performance leader. It was the largest-displacement ATV of its time. and is still the most powerful ATV... More »
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