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The Sweet 16 candle ceremony is also called the candle-lighting ceremony. It is where each of the 16 lighted candles holds a special meaning to the birthday girl or boy. The meanings are each are specific. For example, candle one is for the parents, candle two is for the god parents, candle three is for siblings, candles four through seven are for rest of the family, candles eight through 14 are for friends, candle 15 is for the best friend, and candle 16 is for the boyfriend or girlfriend. If a 17th candle is added, it would represent good luck.
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Sweet 16 Candle lighting ceremony. The sweet 16-candle lighting is a ceremony where the birthday girl lights of total of 16 candles. She lights each candle in representation of someone
1. Meet with the 16-year-old to go over the logistics of the party. Find out what will take place at the Sweet 16 party-will there be dancing, a cake-cutting or gift opening? Together
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Just stick a bunch of candles in the cake and blow it out no big deal.
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Candles made it to the top of birthday cakes in 18th century Germany, followed by formalized birthday cakes in Western culture in the 19th Century. It was also around this time that the term "sweet sixteen" appeared in music and poetry. Tie all this... More »
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