How do you sweet talk a girl?


To sweet talk a girl, don't be shy, give her praises, think about coming up with a nickname for her that aptly describes her,develop some code words between each other, say wonderful things about her in front of other people, be sure to tell her that you love her at least three times a day., laugh a lot with her, and enjoy her company.
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As with most matters having to do with dating and relationships, sweet talking is more of an art than a science. Because girls' preferences vary as much as their hairstyles, there's
1. Have neat handwriting. If you have neat handwriting, people will see you more as a neat, organized person.Maybe keep a journal between your friends and yourself to pass around,-Fun-Girl
We're missing a lot of specifics (e.g. what city do you live in?), but here's a rough order of preference: 1) Family friends 2) Friends' friends 3) Church and/or other clubs you belong
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