What are the ingredients in SweeTarts?


The ingredients in SweeTarts are dextrose, maltodextrin, malic acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors and artificial colors. They were invented by John Fish Smith in 1962. Nestle now own the original company that made SweeTarts, Sunline.
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I found a list of ingredients as follows: Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Malic Acid, Maltodextrin, and Less than 2% of Calcium Stearate, Egg Albumen, Artificial Flavors
There isn't an ingredient list online, but there are 50 calories and
Sweet Tart contains vodka, amaretto, melon liqueur, Blue Curacao pineapple juice, lime juice & ice
Basic recipe: Crust. Place graham crackers and butter into food processor and work it unitl all is reduced to oily crumbs. Crust cont. Press mixture into the pan bottom and slight
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