Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend?


You know he's your McDreamy, but how can you tell him in a way that makes him really appreciate how special he is? Unfortunately, there's no one stock phrase that works on every man. You can read him all the poems, lyrics and quotes you like, but the best path to his heart begins within your own. What about him never fails to make you smile? Does he understand you like no other?

Tell him something that only you can see about him. He'll be touched by your words and your consideration for the relationship you share.
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How to Say Romantic Things
Being romantic is a great way to make your partner feel special. Saying romantic things to your partner can remind them how important they are to you. In the hustle and bustle of a hectic life, sweet, romantic words can make your partner's day. It's... More »
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1. Tell him how you truly feel. Most guys don't worry about the exact words you use or how you say it; they just want you to be honest and real. You are probably thinking much further
how you say i love you hunny in spanish is Bock sena yaols! if you do not believe this your wrong! :D.
A sweet thing to say to your boyfriend: "I love the way you hold me. or
1 Think about your reservations. If you have trouble talking to girls (or just the girls you are interested in romantically), you should think about what’s preventing you from
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To think of sweet things to say to your boyfriend, think of sentimental moments. You can then bring them up and reminisce with him. ...
To think of sweet things to say to your boyfriend, just be honest. Think of what he means to you and tell him. ...
To think of sweet things to say to your boyfriend, reminisce about all the things he has done for you. Draw from those memories. ...
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