Can you go swimming with dolphins in Myrtle Beach?


It is no longer legal to swim with dolphins at Myrtle Beach. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made it illegal in 1995. However, there are ways to observe dolphins, such as snorkeling.
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1. Ride a jet ski. There are several jet ski rental places dotted along the shores of Myrtle Beach. Establishments such as Thomas Outdoor Water Sports make arrangements with you to
This place can tell you. call them 843-651-3676.
Swimming with dolphins has been made illegal in South Carolina
Well you can do those things in the Bahams. Barbados on the other hand is a very ebautiful island and although you cant swim with Dolphins you can swim with tutrles and you can also
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How to Swim With Dolphins in Myrtle Beach
In 1995, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the feeding and swimming with wild dolphins are both dangerous and harmful to these beloved ocean creatures, and therefore make it illegal to do so. However, there are many... More »
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