How do you get the battery replaced in a Swiss Army watch?


If an individual has no experience replacing batteries in watches, an authorized Swiss Army service center provides the best option for replacing the battery. Typically, shops and jewelry stores that deal in fine watches have this authorization and replace the battery of the watch without damaging it.

People who do not have a local outlet for getting battery watches replaced may find outlets through online sites. Of course, this means sending the watch through the post and hoping it does not sustain any other damage during the shipping and handling process. However, this also means allowing a trained professional to replace the battery properly and efficiently.

Whether working with a local service center or another authorized dealer, this dealer must offer quality service as well as a warranty to make sure the battery works for at least a specified amount of time. Some of these services also require a form that must be submitted with the watch in order to guarantee services. When using a non-local service, checking for reviews and credentials helps determine the best service to fix the watch. Otherwise, people with experience working with Swiss Army watches may replace their own batteries with no worries of damaging their watches.

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1. Establish whether the watch has a snap-back case or a screw-back case by turning the watch over and looking at the case back. If it is smooth with a small indent on the side, it
It last about 3 years, I had my Swiss army field watch 10 years and it is great! I use sony batteries.
If you take it to your local watch repairman it shouldn't cost more then 12 dollars to replace the battery.
There is a tool that you need that adjusts to the three holes or openings in the back of your watch and it just screws off. If you don't have access to the tool, simply take two push
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Instructions for Replacing a Swiss Army Watch's Batteries
The reliability of Swiss Army watches are beyond compare, but like any other electronically powered watch, the battery will eventually wear out. While taking the watch to a certified retailer is usually the best way to ensure that the battery is replaced... More »
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