Swiss Legend Watches?


Swiss Legend watches are not made in Switzerland. They use Swiss made parts and movements, but the watches themselves are generally assembled in China. Swiss Legend watches are not Swiss made, but are quality watches.
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Swiss legend watches are sold worldwide online or at major jewelers. Though manufactured in switzerland, major retailers and online watch and pawn shops sell and trade-in swiss watches
1. Put the watch on your wrist and close the clasp. Pinch the watch band until the watch strap sits snugly on your wrist. The number of links held in the pinch is the number of links
1. Unscrew and/or pull out the crown all the way to Position 2.Fig A.2. Adjust
Well it has to meet swiss standards which is %50 of the watch has to be Switzerland parts and thus it being swiss made and some brands like invicta make swiss watches and lower end
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