Swollen Finger?


A swollen finger might be caused by trauma to the finger from an accident or even from broken bone in the hand or finger. A swollen finger might also be caused by arthritis of the joints of the hand or finger. Rheumatoid arthritis commonly causes swelling in the fingers and hands. Swelling in a finger might also come from pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome or even from fluid retention due to a large intake of salt. Swelling of the finger can also be caused by a reaction to an insect bite.
Q&A Related to "Swollen Finger?"
1. Examine the hand to check for broken skin or blood. Clean the hand and all wounds thoroughly. Apply a topical antibiotic, and use sterile dressings to cover gaping wounds or where
You may have touched or handled something you are sensitive or allergic to,or even ingested a food that you are slightly allergic to.It may also be a side effect to a medication.You
The following medical conditions are possible causes of swollen fingers: Arthritis,
Swollen fingers are a pain to deal with, but the good thing is, there are some steps to take to reduce their size. Read on for some helpful tips: Decrease sodium intake. Sodium is
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