Swollen Palate?


A swollen palate is a medical condition where the movable fold that suspends at the rear of the hard palate in the mouth becomes swollen and tender. The condition can lead to difficulties in swallowing or sucking and it can lead to blockage of the airway. It is often caused by allergies or infection and it requires immediate medical attention.
Q&A Related to "Swollen Palate?"
a high chance that could be strep throat, a common infection. Go see your doctor.
are you having an anaphylactic reaction? Call 911 and unlock the door!you ate something you are allergic to. Do you carry Epi-pen with you? from now on, you should!
Talk only liquids and semisolid foods to prevent further fricion and pain to swollen palate. Also don't take hot stuff. Food and liquids muct me cold. Apply glycerine on the palate
Right behind my two front teeth is where on earth its swollen.. i dont remember eating anything that would irritate it. i lately woke up with it swollen. it bothers me when i completely
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