Symbol of Pointing Finger?


Many pieces of art or propaganda features symbols of pointing fingers to motivate people to take some sort of action. A famous example is Uncle Sam pointing at viewers, saying that he wants you to join the American military.
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Earth, wind, fire, and water is the answer. It represents the elements of the earth. These are the elements required to sustain human life.
1. Draw two curving lines, one line curving upwards and one line curving downwards. 2. Draw two more curving lines that touch the top and bottom curving lines. The left line should
It is an obscene hand gesture which is not appropriate as it contains bad language.
loser sign is index finger up with the thumb make an L... Could just mean 1, could be like, "aha! I've got
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Pointing finger sign could be used to show direction. Before you draw a pointing finger, draw two curving lines with one facing upwards and the other facing downwards ...
You have to know how to draw a hand in order to draw a pointing finger. You can practice drawing a hand by learning how to trace your hand. The easiest way to ...
Things You'll Need. Drawing pencil. Pencil eraser. Drawing paper. Graphics program (optional) Graphics tablet (optional) Show More. Instructions. 1. Draw two curving ...
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