Symbolic Meaning of Pigeons?


The pigeons emblematically characterize a youthful generation. Settling in the cities suckling off the life of the urban society, this bird shows us the witlessness, absurdity, and congenially lost civilization of the young generation.
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Peace. In greek mythology Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, peace, and love has a pigeon as her symbol. White pigeons represent the holy spirit in Catholicism.
Symbols in poems can be derived from nature, animals and religion to represent people, ideas, and thoughts and feelings of individuals. It is the job of the poet to not take the usage
Pigeons are the symbol of peace. We often see pigeons appear in the posters which call
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Pigeons are some of the oldest birds which were domesticated. Pigeons have a relation to doves but are of different species. Pigeons symbolize peace. ...
The white domesticated rock pigeon or dove usually represents peace and love in the Christian community. The white pigeon carrying an olive branch in its beak ...
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