What do 18 roses symbolize?


A bouquet of 18 roses symbolizes that the recipient remains beautiful in the eyes of the giver. The number and color of the roses chosen for the nosegay can symbolize different meanings.

Roses are often given as a gift between friends and romantic partners. A person can base the number of roses given on what he or she wants to say. Some common examples include:

  • 1 Rose: Love at first sight.
  • 3 Roses: I love you.
  • 13 Roses: You have a secret admirer.
  • 15 Roses: I am sorry.
  • 24 Roses: I think of you 24 hours a day.
  • 101 Roses: You are my only love.

In addition to the number of roses, the color of the roses chosen also has meaning. For example:

  • Red Rose: This rose symbolizes passion and sincere love.
  • Yellow Rose: Yellow roses are often given in friendship.
  • White Rose: The white rose symbolizes purity, and is often used in weddings
  • Pink Rose: Pink roses symbolize grace and sweetness.

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To a certain extent it depends on the colour of the roses. Mostly it means you are an incredible romantic.
The Greek and Roman goddesses Venus and Aphrodite have always been associated with red roses because of their beauty, strength and potential to harm. These goddesses were beautiful,
The melodramatic rose-in-the-mouth image has no real connection with the original Buenos Aires Argentine tango. Professional dancers: The tango is ALL about the feet, and. emotion.
The yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship. As always thank you
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