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Following the loss of a loved one, friends and family will want to express their condolences. Grief may make it difficult to respond right away. Here are some quotes to help you say thank you when you're ready.
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If you need to write a sympathy thank you card, I would suggest breaking it down into doing two cards. One should be the thank you card for the item or service you received. You should
1. Send thank you notes within two weeks of the funeral, or whatever cause has generated sympathy cards and gifts. 2. Send thank you cards and notes to anyone who made donations,
1. Buy cards with envelopes. The colors and design should be subdued. Since you will be writing a personalized note, choose a blank card or one with very little text; an abundance
Usually just a simple thank you. They understand your pain and are showing as much sympathy as they possibly can. Just a thank you can be a good expression of thanks.
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A good thing to say in a sympathy thank you note is, 'Thank you for your concern.' You may also want to say something like, 'Thank you for reaching out during our difficult time.' Or you can even say, 'Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone.' Go ahead and say whatever is on your heart.
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Senders of sympathy notes, cards, flowers, charitable donations and letters should receive a thank-you note from the recipient. If the bereaved is not up to sending ...
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