Symptoms of a Bad Timing Chain?


Some of the symptoms of a bad timing chain include the vehicle to shake and rattle while it is idling. Depending on how bad the timing chain is, the engine may not even start, or may stall and struggle to keep running. Another symptom can include misfires and backfires. 
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At the most extreme, if your timing chain completely fails, the vehicle will not run and it cannot even be started. If a timing chain breaks while the engine is running, the valves
Noise coming from the area of the chain and in severe cases it will jump a tooth and the engine will run very badly with no power.
Hi. As an engine ages, its timing chain stretches. In fact, this is really the main obstacle to long engine life. Some engines will experience piston-to-valve interference if the
You could get a knocking noise from it and if it got loose enough it could jump a tooth and your timing would be off. Could also be a bad tensioner on the chain too. The chains to
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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Timing Chain?
Timing chains are critical components in an automobile. According to Redline Motive, timing chains control a vehicle's crankshaft and camshaft, which allow the pistons and valves to fire and rotate. Properly adjusted timing chains, therefore, work to... More »
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