Symptoms of a Clogged Radiator?


Symptoms of a clogged radiator include overheating and interior heating. Another symptom includes visible coolant leaks. You will also begin to notice poor coolant circulation as well as a failed water pump.
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1. Start the car and allow it to run. As it begins to warm up, feel the outside radiator fins with your hands. The entire radiator should heat up as hot radiator fluid passes along
Answer Just about every major city has at least one and usually several shops that specialize in radiator repair. They remove the "caps" or "tanks" of the radiators
The symptoms of radon poisoning closely resemble lung cancer: a persistent cough
I suffer from this problem and usually when I am clogged up, I feel nauseous I can suffer from headaches, I am tired and just overall feel like crap. My stomach will also be very
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Clogged Radiator Symptoms
Clogged radiators are responsible for a multitude of potentially dangerous engine problems. Repairs of clogged coolant systems should be done as soon as possible to prevent serious and sometimes irreversible engine damage.... More »
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