Symptoms of a Sociopathic Child?


Some of the symptoms of a sociopath are lack of remorse, substance abuse, disregard for safety of others, and recklessness among others and in children some symptoms are consistent bedwetting after the age of five, Stealing, and Cruelty to animals. Sociopathy is a loosely-defined term that may be used to refer to antisocial personality disorder
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There are 20 key traits which have been identified by pioneering psychologist Robert Hare. From what I know Glibness, Superficial Charm, Conning and Manipulative Behaviour, Sexual
Fatigue Fatigue is defined as excessive sleepiness, even after waking from a night of sleep or what should have been a restful nap. A child may show signs of fatigue after sleeping
A sociopath will have delusions of grandeur, lie pathologically, be
Not Medical Advice: Symptoms of Psychopaths Interpersonal traits - Glib and superficial, Egocentric and grandiose, Lack of remorse or guilt, Lack of - MORE?
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There are various symptoms that can help identify a sociopath. They include pathological lying, lack of empathy and a disconnect from reality. Lack of conscience ...
Someone with sociopathic behavior is diagnosed with a sociopathic personality, or antisocial personality disorder. This illness is chronic, and will progress more ...
Parents of a sociopath would be recommended to have the child visit a psychiatrist as well as participating in family therapy. This is especially if they have ...
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