What Are the Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve?


The symptoms of a bad EGR valve include a rough idle and an increase in fuel consumption. Overheating and pinging are other symptoms of bad EGR Solenoid. A knocking sound can also be heard.
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Symptoms. An EGR valve works by recirculating used exhaust gases into your engine. These gases contain unburned fuel but very little oxygen, and they're very hot. A hot intake charge
Stuck shut will set a code eventually, but very occasionally. Stuck open idle poor, poor fuel economy, engine will speed up id one spark plug disconnected.
An EGR that is stuck opencan very well cause the symptom you are decribing, including surging at idle and poor acceleration. Failure of GM EGR Valves is quite rare. A common problem
Symptoms of a bad egr valve on a car will include mis fires,
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