Symptoms of Flared Appendix?


Symptoms of a flared or ruptured appendix can oftentimes show themselves as something akin to the flu or severe stomach problems. The pain is akin to a dull ache and/or stabbing that affects you on the lower left side of your abdomen. Some people often overlook the possibility of a flared appendix because the discomfort resembles a belly ache. However, a high fever is usually coupled with the pain to highlight another symptom. Also, the person becomes very fatigue and unable to do tasks they’re regular perform. If you’re concerned that your appendix may need attention, please consult your doctor immediately.
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The lower right side of the ab is where the appendix is located. The upper right side in the area of the ribs is the gallbladder. Both present like flu symptoms. You may also experience
An infected appendix, aka appendicitis, is a potentially serious medical condition that, while fairly common, nevertheless requires prompt medical treatment to prevent the appendix
There are two common tests that can easily determine if a person has appendicitis. First have the person lie down on their back. Locate the part of their hip bone that sticks out
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