Symptoms of Fuel Injector Problems?


If your car’s fuel injector fails, it can lead to many more problems for your vehicle and the overall performance of your engine. There are some signs and symptoms that can alert you that your fuel injector is going bad. If your engine is sputting and spewing with abrupt power surges, this is a sign. If the fuel injector is overly clogged, your engine might misfire repeatedly. Having damage in your fuel injector could cause you engine to idle roughly. Look for fuel that might be leaking from the car and watch your car’s gas mileage performance for any noticeable changes.
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The function of fuel injectors is to inject predetermined amounts of fuel into a vehicle's engine cylinders. Clogged injectors limit this fuel flow, a process that can be visually
i had a faulty diesel injector on my 2.4jtd it had done 110000 miles. the faults on a diesel are it sounds like a tractor as most new deisels run quite quiet, the engine shakes like
Hesitation, sputtering, and hard starts are all signs of a possible fuel
since you have the code for the temp sensor, have it replaced and see if that does the trick. when the sensor is bad it is telling the computer to give too much fuel or not enough
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Symptoms of clogged fuel injectors can include a rough idle, misfiring, and hesitation. A loss of power or higher emissions can also be caused by clogged fuel ...
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