Symptoms of Infected Tongue Piercing?


There are various symptoms of infected tongue piercing. The common ones include frequent pain and swelling. You should seek a remedy immediately in case of such symptoms.
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The symptoms of an infection of a tongue piercing is like swelling,
How long have you had it? If you had it less than 6 weeks, this is normal and what usually comes out during the healing process. Just cleanse the area by either gargling & squishing
1. Remove the stud from your tongue. It may be causing an allergic reaction and if the material of the stud itself is causing the irritation, you cannot successfully treat the area
Generally you will know your piercing is infected if the following 3 symptoms are present: 1. the openings are red not just pink and may burn 2. the area is feverish 3. there is puss
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There are a few symptoms to watch for if you think your tongue may be infected from a piercing. There may be swelling, redness, or pain around the area. If you ...
You can know if your tongue is infected by identifying the common symptoms and characteristics of a tongue infection. If your tongue is pierced, there may be puss ...
To treat a tongue piercing infection you should rinse your mouth with warm salt water and soft brushing. If you have discharge or a bad odor from the piercing ...
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