Symptoms of Inhaling Bleach Fumes?


There are many symptoms a person can experience when he breaths in bleach fumes. Among the many are nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. This may be a result of the strong smell of the chemicals in bleach. It can even result to occurrence of an asthma attack.
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Symptoms of fume inhalation can include:feeling sick or vomiting,
You inhaled too much bleach fumes. Use bleach only in well ventilated areas. Open the windows and use a fan to air out the bleach smell. Stay out of the area with the smell. Inhaling
DON'T DO IT. Call a poison center or go to the emergency room. The lung damage could be severe.
Did you drink it? If not you should be fine, but everyone is different so if you are really worried, and not feeling well then see a doctor. I inhaled bleach mixed with tons of stuff
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