What are some symptoms of inhaling toxic fumes?


Toxic inhalation can be very damaging to the human body, even if we don’t realize that we are inhaling smoke or fumes that are harmful to us. Toxic chemicals that we inhale by accident can do severe damage to our lungs and can even bring on pneumonia and other illnesses. Symptoms that one might be suffering from toxic inhalation would be wheezing, deep coughing, constantly clearing one’s throat, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Other signs include fainting spells, possible seizures, coughing up blood, high fever, chest pain, and overall confusion.
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my husband is a machianist and accidently inhaled impregnated graphite, he automatically became dizzy and vomited. He's sleeping now, but are there any serious side effects i should
Symptoms of fume inhalation can include:feeling sick or vomiting,
lung function impairment, permanent damage.
I think you should see a doctor, is this a joke, cos ur on the web but you should be almost dieing, Anonymous
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