Symptoms of Overwork?


Most people are completely overworked and burned out to the point where it’s affecting their health. Symptoms of being overworked and burned out correlate to your stress level, feeling overwhelmed, and not feeling that you can get everything done. Signs of burnout affect your emotional and mental well-being because you’re exhausted, both physically and emotional. Overwork and burnout drains you of all of your energy and you can even begin to feel hopeless, helpless, and even resentful. Other signs of overload and burnout would be feeling like nothing you do is appreciated by anyone, sheer exhaustion all of the time, all day is spent on wheel-spinning tasks, you consider every day to be a “bad� day.
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overwork; overworking
Symptoms of muscle strain are: muscle pain and
Your first concern should be dehydration. That can cause the symptoms you are describing and can be more serious. Drink a couple of glasses of water or something like gatoraid. You
The presence of one or two of these symptoms is not an indicator, but more than half of them would be a warning sign. Memory problems. Difficulty making decisions. Inability to concentrate
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Some of the symptoms of being overworked are lethargy and taking your work to bed with you at night. If you are dreaming about the job you have, you may be working ...
A person who experiences tiredness could be overworking themselves and needing a break. Tiredness can also be a symptom of a bigger problem such as anemia or an ...
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