Symptoms of Pancreas Problems?


Most pancreas problems stem from pancreatitis, which is when the pancreas has become inflamed and/or irritated in some way. Symptoms of pancreas problems would be when your stomach is overly bloated, tender, and swollen. Many people also will have nausea and vomiting spells and severe stomach pain after meals. Others have complained of a searing hot back pain. Additionally, people suffering from pancreas problems have also noted lumps of bumps in their upper stomach area. Diarrhea is another symptom, as is weight loss.
Q&A Related to "Symptoms of Pancreas Problems?"
1. Report any severe pain to your doctor. With pancreatitis, the pain generally occurs in the upper abdomen. Your doctor will probably ask you to rate the pain you are experiencing.
Symptoms of Pancreas problems are Loss of Appetite, Stomach Ache, Loss of
In many cases there isn't any symptom until the last moment.
Because the initial symptoms are very faint, cancer of the pancreas is detected usually only at a late stage. The first symptoms include loss of appetite, a loathing of food and weight
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