Symptoms of Pulled Muscles in Dogs?


Symptoms of a pulled muscle in a dog is very similar to symptoms in a human. However, since dogs cannot speak, they may nip or whine to show they are in pain. They often will have a significant limp and some will lick the spot of the injury. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from cold or heat therapy and massages to heal the injury. You will want to take care, however, because they may snap at you out of pain. It may be beneficial to call your veterinarian for a pain killer until the injury begins to heal.
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Generally, you'll feel and aching, twinging or throbbing pain in the area of the pulled muscle and it will hurt more when you flex said muscle.
You're leg muscles directly affect how your knee tracts in place - so while you favour (or your body unconciously favours) that muscle it will change how your knee sits in place -
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Symptoms of Pulled Muscles in Dogs
A muscle strain -- commonly referred to as a "pulled muscle" -- can occur in one or more muscles in any area of your dog's body. According to veterinarians at Glendale Animal Hospital in Arizona, treatment for muscle strains generally includes rest, ice... More »
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