Symptoms of Sphenoid Sinus Cyst or Polyp?


Those who have sphenoid Sinus will feel pain in the tooth, ear and throat. Other symptoms will be nasal discharge, headache and fatigue. The mucus can be yellow or green and sometimes you can have difficulty in breathing.
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1. See if you are suffering from a headache. This headache is not your normal headache. It is deeper and causes pain in the back and top of the head, across the forehead, and behind
Without looking at your CT, I can't tell you what is in your sinus. The sphenoid sinus is not usually the cause of orbital cellulitis, however, it is usually the ethmoids or the maxillary
I had orbital cellulitis a couple of years ago and almost lost my eye. Now because of headaches, etc. I did a scan of my head and found a cyst in the sphenoid sinus area of my left
How to Identify the Symptoms of Sinus Polyp Headaches Know that a the major symptom of a Sinus Polyp Headaches are dull, frequent headaches that seem to occur due to increased sinus
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A person can identify Sphenoid Sinus symptoms by checking for headaches. Sphenoid Sinus Cysts will also cause a nasal discharge. A fever will be another symptom. ...
One of the locations for sinuses is in the sphenoid area. You can identify sphenoid sinusitis through its symptoms. Some of its symptoms may include upper respiratory ...
A retention cyst forms when a mucous gland of the sinus mucosa becomes obstructed. Its walls are thus defined by the epithelium of a mucous gland and duct itself ...
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