What are symptoms of having too much oxygen?


Oxygen toxicity is a condition that results from too much oxygen. It is resultant from breathing elevated partial pressures of molecular oxygen. Symptoms of oxygen poisoning might include spasmodic vomiting, euphoria, nausea, vertigo, muscle twitching, sleeping, dazed, vertigo, convulsions, drowsiness, amnesia, spasmodic respiration, and more. Oxygen toxicity of the central nervous system symptoms includes tinnitus, tunnel vision, irritability, anxiety, confusion, dizziness, and more. Oxygen toxicity is also known as oxygen poisoning, oxygen intoxication, and oxygen toxicity syndrome. The condition in the central nervous system was known as the Paul Bert effect. The condition in the pulmonary area was known as the Lorrain Smith effect.
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Red eyes, general feeling of aches and pains. Not difficulty sleeping - but needing a LOT of sleep. Being jittery.
Prolonged or very high oxygen concentrations can cause oxidative damage to
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