How to Treat a Torn Pectoral Muscle?


The symptoms of a torn pectoral muscle are terrible pain, bruising, swelling, reduced power and mobility. People who do heavy exercising sometimes get this type of tear. When they do they will not be able to exercise for a long time and will need to be under a doctors care and advice.
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Symptoms of a Torn Pectoral Muscle
When you tear the fibrous tissue of your pectoral (chest) muscle, it is often excruciating. Since the pecs are used to help lift and move your arms, it's nearly impossible to avoid using these muscles. If you believe you have a torn pectoral, you'll need... More »
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1. Stop what you're doing! If you're lifting weights, put them down! Don't try to "work through the burn" or chant the "No pain, no gain" mantra. A torn muscle
A majority of the injuries occur due to over work when lifting weights or other force based
I had surgery to repair it. My doctor said 3 months. Embed Quote
You might have irritated it.Tore it, doubtful.Your just made it take longer to heal.
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You can avoid motion in order to treat a torn pectoral muscle. You can also undergo physical therapy. Tearing this muscle can leave you in excruciating pain. ...
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