What Are the Symptoms of Bad Wheel Bearings?


Wheel bearings can go bad, and when they do they will produce a variety of symptoms. Noise is the first thing you may notice. You may hear a grinding noise that keeps getting louder. Sometimes there will be no noise at all, but you will feel looseness in the steering wheel. Another common symptom of bad wheel bearings is abnormal wear in the tread of your tires.
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I'd check the tires first. Unevenly worn tires can make more noise than you would think. Then check CV joints. The rubber boots fail and dirt breaks down the bearing joint. Then perhaps
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Wheel Bearing Failure Symptoms
Wheels run on a pair of roller bearings, and roller bearings occasionally fail. If this happens while at highway speeds, the results can be catastrophic. Usually, there are signals to alert you ahead of time of a potential bearing problem.... More »
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Wheel bearings are located in the hub, which is where the wheels and breaks are connected to the car. The bearings allow the wheels to move smoothly when driving. One symptom of a wheel bearing failure could be that the car wobbles when you drive. There can also be a rattle or a grinding noise in the car when you turn, sometimes even if you are going straight. If you take off the wheel to check it, you may see bits of metal in the grease.
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Wheel bearings are an essential part of any automobile, allowing the wheels of your car to rotate smoothly. Wheel bearings are sealed at the factory and designed ...
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