What are some symptoms of worn ball joints?


When it comes to worn ball joints, sometimes the first symptom is the mechanic seeing the wear on them. Other symptoms can be sloppy steering. You will often hear a clunking noise as well.
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Some play in the steering, the inside or outside edge of the tire may be worn down more. Jack the wheel off the ground, grab the top and bottom edge and see if it has play in it.
1. Inspect your tires for uneven wear. Carefully loosen your grip on the steering wheel as you drive the car to see if the car pulls to one side or the other. Listen for clunking
Raise vehicle up on jack stands so that the stands are under the lower controll arms and the suspension is "loaded" Remove the front tire(s) (if you break the torque on
If your so called ball joints are worn you will exhibit the steering alot of play in the wheel. Dangerious ? yes, if the break off, your wheels will turn inward, and possibly break
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Symptoms of Worn Ball Joints
The front suspension of a car is held together by a ball joint, which acts in a similar fashion to the ball joints found in the human body (such as the shoulder or the knee). The ball joint links the steering knuckles of the suspension to the control... More »
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