Systems of Being Pregnant?


Some of the systems of being pregnant include: missed period, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and constipation. However, different women have different symptoms which can be sometimes confused with other illnesses. To be sure of the results, you need to take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor for urine test.
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Your chances of pregnancy can vary depending on the number of times you had unprotected sex as well as where you were in your cycle when you had sex.
Sometimes when implantation of the fertilized embryo happens, there may be some slight bleeding or spotting. Some women may overlook this and think it is a short period, or that they
Early signs of pregnancy: Tender and swollen breasts, fatigue, slight bleeding or
1 Decide when to tell people. It is generally regarded as safe to tell people that you're pregnant at the end of the first trimester. At this point, the possibility of a miscarriage
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